How Long Does Wisdom Teeth Extraction Healing Time Take?

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Healing Time

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Healing Time

If you need to have your wisdom tooth extracted, there is one common question that most patients ask: How long does Wisdom Teeth Extraction Healing Time take? The reason why a lot of people ask this is because most people are busy and so they cannot assure that they can be out of work that long. Some who have had their wisdom tooth extracted think that they have already recovered in a few days just because they are feeling better already and the pain has gone too. However, it is important to know the standard Wisdom Teeth Extraction Healing Time or how long it takes for you to say that you have fully recovered.

The Wisdom Teeth Extraction Healing Time could take two weeks or more. Why? Why can’t healing and recovery be achieved in a day like normal teeth extraction? What makes up the standard healing time of wisdom teeth extraction?

For 24 hours: Most teeth extraction takes only 24 hours and you will recover already but it is different in wisdom teeth removal. The 24 hour-period after the extraction is mostly spent trying to recover from the basic effects you are feeling such as pain and other effects. If in normal tooth extraction, 24 hours is already the healing period overall, in wisdom teeth removal, 24 hours is just the beginning of recovery. It is just the first step you will be taking to achieve complete recovery from your wisdom tooth extraction.

The First Week: Recovery from wisdom tooth extraction usually means weeks which is a lot different from the normal teeth extraction recovery. If the 24 hours is spent for basic recovery, the first week is not yet the complete healing time. In other words, you cannot fully say you have recovered already after the first week. In fact, during the first week, you may still not be allowed take in solid foods as the wound is not yet totally healed. You may still experience pain and still need to take medications in this period and you are still also not allowed to do stressful tasks.

The Second Week: If you think that Wisdom Teeth Extraction Healing Time is achieved in the first week, you should think again because it can still continue to the second week after the removal. If during the first week of recovery, you may still not be allowed to eat solid foods, in the second week, you are already allowed but there are specific solid foods that you are still not allowed to take. The wound may have healed partially already but the gums are still starting to regain strength. Pain may be gone already and you can start performing normal tasks but not too much.

After these periods, that’s the time you could say you have totally recovered. Remember that even if you are already feeling better after a few days, it is not a guarantee that you are totally healed especially if you are still not allowed to do the normal things you do before. And for your overall condition to be back to normal after wisdom teeth extraction, it usually takes 2 weeks or more.

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Healing Time